wow, por un momento me engañó y pensé que el final de #MrRobot sería un LOST-sazo! pero no! estuvo genial <3
Lo voy a extrañar :-(
¿Qué tal el guiño a Fight Club al final? eh eh? 😊

#2228 "Machine Learning Captcha" 

Brexit has been sorted!

As the UK is incapable of leaving, a new solution has been found: EUxit.

In essence, the EU27 leave to form a new grouping called the European Alliance (EA). That means the UK stays in the EU, but is the only member. Simples!
[Text is in German]
#Brexit #politics

i still lose my shit at this one every time i see it... one of my faves. @OCRbot

Les Ataliers des Capuchins. After this facility was turned over to the public, some of the Navy's equipment was restored as industrial art.

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Passing thought: nobody ever says “look at this thing Facebooker Susan Smith posted” or “check out what Twitterer Skinky Dumpawps posted”, but I constantly see “look at Redditor Throwaway477864’s insightful discussion” or “watch what Youtuber Spafford Spiderton has to say”. What makes a site wrap up it’s users’ identities that way, and is it a thing that should be generally cultivated or avoided?

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